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Your Families

  • Professional photography session: Every family will appreciate an updated family portrait. No session fees.

  • 8x10 family portrait with the church directory image of their choice.

  • Printed Directory: Put names with faces

  • Additional portraits & collections: Several different sizes and combinations to choose from.

  • Photography products and frames: Several exclusive designs available.

Your Church


  • On-site photography: Professional photography sessions for your families.

  • Promotional materials: Get your families excited about your portrait event.

  • Online scheduling: Saves you time and it’s convenient for your families.

  • Help with organizing: We have tools to help you organize your volunteers.

  • We will create your Church Directory for you.

Complimentary Professional Portrait Sessions

Each family will receive a complimentary portrait sitting as part of your church directory program. Once they are photographed, families will also receive

  • An 8 x 10 portrait 

  • A printed directory

Studio 802 South encourages fun and creativity! Families can

  • Bring meaningful items, like instruments and sports equipment

  • Invite others to pose with you at no cost, like extended family or friends

  • Bring their Pets (With your organization's permission​)

Studio 802 South offers complimentary online scheduling that lets you and your members:

  • View all available appointment times

  • Quickly select  the appointment they want

  • Receive an email confirmation and reminder

Submit your information and we will get back to you shortly.

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Church Gallery

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20170510-Dianne Lancaster-7
20170506-Richie Rogers -7
20170506-Travis Pittman-4
20170506-Renee McLean-6
20170506-Kim Turner-8
20170506-Helen Nance-9
20170506-John Bungert-2
20170506-Dewayne Gause-8
20170506-Frances Davis-11
20170506-Darin Andrews-10
20170506-Brad Walters-2
20170429-T Davis-5
20170429-T Davis (10 of 20)
20170429-Millie Thompson-1
20170429-Jo Anne Roger-3
20170429-J Nance-4
20170429-Grimsey Jackson-3
20170429-James & Kay Bryan-3
!C. Lennon-1
20170429-Cynthia Dicicco-9
20170429-David & Nancy Sampson-5
20170429-C. Lennon-17